My list gave me the 7 most critical and pressing questions they wanted to know about Positioning. This exclusive training is my reply to make anyone master Positioning once and for all.

Here are the questions...

1. Do you pick positioning or does it pick you?

This is one of the most common questions I get.

And the thing is...

Who’s in charge?

You or your market?

The more clarity you have about the answer to this question, the better your positioning will be.

2. How do you research positioning?

Where do you start?

And what should you be looking for?

These are just a few questions I answer when the topic is positioning research.

All to limit you from going deep into rabbit holes that lead nowhere.

You’ll understand what information you need to collect, and that’s it.

Positioning should be visual to understand, or it’s not positioning.

3. Is there a way to consistently find positionings that work in any niche?

Ah, the “templatize” way to solve problems question.

You knew this or a similar question would be here, right?

I’m not going to give you a template per se.

But I’ll share a templatized thinking model to help you find positionings that will ALWAYS work.

And that’s your asset.

One that will allow you to know what to do to find working positionings in ANY niche or client you work with.

4. How to position yourself against something the "right way?”

You have done your research...

You collected your “ammunition...”

Now what?

And, by the way...

What’s the “right way?”

We’ll get to this.

I want you to demystify positioning and really understand what you’re doing and what people expect from you to listen to you.

Once you simplify this critical element, you’ll know why some positionings work and others won’t.

And more than that...

You’ll be in control.

And this is a hint to my answer to question #1 above.

5. How do I position myself as a noob in my niche?

Let’s face it...

Many fear positioning because they have no credibility and social proof.

But hey, that shouldn’t stop you.

Because everyone started here.


And I want you to understand where you should focus your attention.

Because your positioning won’t be any different.

You’ll just need to play with other elements to compensate for the ones you don’t have yet.

And as a matter of fact, I’ll throw in an extra training audio I recorded just with the answer to this question. All because if you’re a new player in your market, I want you to win faster.

Here’s what my take on positioning for “noobs,” that you’ll have full access in a minute, has done...

6. Can a new positioning help scale sales?

This is one of my “secrets.”

Big creators want to hire and work with me purely because of the answer to this question.

And once you understand positioning is not a fixed thing, you’ll see opportunities where others see “declining offers.”

But let them believe their offers are no longer relevant.

That people lost their interest.

Let them believe in that.

Because you’ll know better.

And you can either beat them easily or become the “reenergizing” help they need.

You’re in control.

(One more hint to question #1 answer? Hmmm...)

7. How can I test a positioning fast?

Positioning is not about perfection.

It’s about connection.

And once you find your connectors, test them.

Test them fast.

Collect data.

And know what to do with it.

Not everything will be worth pursuing.

But once you hit the nail on the head, you’ll know it’s time to go deeper.

And that’s where opportunities are.

And trust me when I say this...

Every market has its opportunities.

Every single one of them.

Even saturated markets.

All because saturated markets are nothing more than bored markets.

And once you understand and master positioning, you’ll always master one critical element in marketing and sales...

How to start ANY conversation that captures the right people’s attention and makes them want to hear more about you and what you have for them.

This is what this training will do for you.

Once you click the button below, this is what you’ll get:

- Positioning Masterclass 49 minutes training video

- (Bonus) Positioning for Beginners 11 minutes training audio

This means you’ll have the answers to the most essential questions about positioning in one hour.

And once you understand it...

You’ll never see things the same way.

You’ll see through any bio, offer, ad,...

You’ll know what’s happening and what’s working and what’s not.

It’s your new superpower.

And the question is...

How much is this superpower worth to you?

To my clients, partners, mentees, and myself... it’s worth millions of dollars in new sales.

All because we know how to stand out in front of the right people.

We’re no longer invisible to them.

And I want to explain it to you as well.

All because I want you to be in control once and for all.

As a reminder...

This is what you’ll get once you purchase your Positioning Masterclass:

- Positioning Masterclass 49 minutes training video

- (Bonus) Positioning for Beginners 11 minutes training audio

Want to master positioning and own this superpower once and for all?

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