In this 11€ book, you’ll finally learn, understand, and know how to use to your advantage...

The One Element That Makes or Breaks Personal Brands, Offers, and Businesses. Own Complete CONTROL Over The One Element That Helps You STAND OUT or FADE AWAY for Good.

Get the “Stand Out or Fade Away” Book and Discover How I Use Its Principles to Consistently Help My Partners Stand Out in Their Markets and Attract More and Better Buyers.

And before you get to understand (and master) this one element…

The one element that will help you attract more and better buyers for your business...

Let me ask you…

This book is a GAME-CHANGER for…

If all this sounds good, then today, you have the unique opportunity to grab:

Stand Out or Fade Away: No More Chasing Clients, Competing on Price, or Feeling Undervalued.

You see, it’s not that your ideas aren't innovative or you're not talented or intelligent... it’s not even that you’re not worth it or good enough...

Many creators struggle, burn out, and fade away.

Not because of a lack of capability...

But simply because they don’t truly understand and know how to take advantage of one key component that allows them...

+ To attract ideal clients,
+ Justify their price tags,
+ Feel truly appreciated for the work they do.

And that missing piece is positioning.

Do it right, and you'll Stand Out.

Do it wrong, and you'll Fade Away.

That's right. Positioning is the power to dictate your own narrative in the marketplace, to shine brighter than your competitors, and to create an enduring, magnetic appeal that attracts the right people.

This is what I’m offering you today.

This book is your roadmap to understanding positioning in a way that will allow you to escape the cycle of obscurity and step into a realm where you are valued, recognized, and sought after.

The almost 20 years of trial and error that I've endured to master this vital marketing concept can become yours in a matter of seconds.

And my goal with this book is to greatly accelerate your journey to success, enabling you to build the life and business you've always dreamed of..

As you’ll soon see, the problem might not be who you are, what you do, or even how you do it. Those can be great already..

The problem might be that people don’t see that immediately....

And they never get to see you under the light you deserve. The light that shows your true self. And how much you could help them achieve their dreams..

If you've ever felt:
+ Underappreciated by your clients...
+ Lost in the crowd of competitors even when you know you’re superior...
+ Anxious about raising your price for fear of how to justify it to the market...
+ Exhausted from the constant hustle to find new customers...
+ Heck! Even undervaluing and doubting yourself because of this...

If you answered “yes” to any of these scenarios...

Probably even to more than one...

Then you're in the right place..

This book is designed to give you a new and fresh perspective on these issues, and it all starts with positioning – the one element that distinguishes wildly successful creators and businesses from those who are just treading water..

Positioning is the beacon that attracts more people into your orbit and uncovers new ways to deliver more value to those already in your world..

Don't let the simplicity fool you. The power of positioning to transform your business and your life is REAL and within your reach.

My Image

Hi, my name is Pedro Martins (@PedrosWindfalls on Twitter)...

And over the last decade, I’ve been working side-by-side with some of the creators you follow and admire, nailing their offers, positioning, and personal brands.

Let me show you a few examples of how little tweaks have impacted them and their businesses.

As you’ll see, this book isn’t about abstract concepts or theories that don’t translate to real-world results.

No. These tried-and-tested principles work. And I see them in action every day.

In fact, what you’ll read is so effective that the principles have been sought after by some of the biggest names in the industry. They’ve trusted me to guide them and seen astonishing results.

But you don’t need to take my word for it.

Let's dive into some of the success stories that happened exactly because of the content you’re about to get access to.

One thought leader I worked with had a “productivity” program. Despite its transformative potential, the program struggled with sales at its $30k price tag.

Through a simple adjustment in positioning, we not only sold out his program but did so at a higher price point - $36.5k (21.66% price increase).

That's right. The power of positioning not only helped sell it like hotcakes but at a higher price than before.

We’re talking about over $1.2 million in sales in two months.

One simple positioning tweak for this partner, and he went from little to no sales in his $30k Mastermind to sold out in two months and $1.2MM collected.

And this wasn't a one-time miracle.

Another partner had a quality offer at $20k. We took the same offer, reframed its positioning, and reintroduced it to the market at $45k.

The result? The price hike caused no dip in conversions.

A classic example of the power of positioning at play..

This is what my partner told me about the price rise...

Understand that once you nail your positioning, you’ll also see yourself from a different lens. And it’s hard not to boost your self-confidence and how your marker feels and sees it. You become more attractive.

The same principles apply across industries. Take my partner Paul who’s a sought-after coach to Fortune 500 CEOs. Just by finessing his positioning, he was able to command 4x the price for his sessions.

Yes, he went from $5k to $20k, and his clients still saw the immense value he brought to the table. You could even argue that they preferred Paul at his new price point because that made them see and feel Paul as someone more exclusive and “closer” to them.

Everything adds up once you understand the principles in this book. And you’ll see opportunities where others see problems and weaknesses. Exactly where you probably are right now.

Another coaching partner went from charging $3.5k per package to $4.5k. The impact? He earned an additional $40k in a month compared to his previous best..

You may think that's a small increment, but imagine what it could mean for your bottom line over a year.

And then there's Arthur, a coach in the real estate education industry. I reworked his positioning, doubled his program price, and netted him over €100k in sales in just two weeks! That amount was a quarter of his annual budget.

Over €100k worth of sales in two weeks just from a little positioning tweak to an existing offer. His best year ever was €350k. We made a quarter of that in two weeks.

These are not anomalies or outliers.

These are real, tangible results brought about by the power of positioning…

A power you can harness with the knowledge in Stand Out or Fade Away: No More Chasing Clients, Competing on Price, or Feeling Undervalued.

Remember, these partners and clients didn’t have to develop new skills or create new products. They used what they already had and simply applied the principles of positioning you’ll find in this book.

And these principles aren’t exclusive to high-ticket products or offers. They’re relevant to brands, including your personal social media presence or your low or high-ticket products.

It doesn’t matter your size or circumstances. Understanding Positioning will ALWAYS open new doors for you.

You've just seen what this profound understanding of positioning can do for others, some bigger names than others.

But the principles remain — no matter the size or the industry.

And so…

Let's turn the spotlight on you.

It's time to explore what's inside this simple and game-changing book. And how it can revolutionize your approach to positioning, help you attract clients, increase your value, and ultimately, transform your business.

This is what you’ll find and learn in the book…

It's time to stop being invisible. It’s time to stop feeling undervalued.

This book is not just a guide—it's a transformation waiting to happen. A transformation that begins with understanding your unique positioning and how it will attract your ideal clients, increase your value, and put you on the path to the success you've always dreamed of.

As we delve deeper, you'll see how this isn't just an investment—it's a catalyst for attraction. Automatic and predictable attraction.

Ready to Master Positioning Once and For All and Be In Control Of How People See and Feel Attracted By You and Your Business? where you are valued, recognized, and sought after.

You already saw the impact mastering this “little” concept can have on your business or clients. It’s not just about the extra sales. It’s also about higher-value sales and naturally attracting the right people.

The price of the Stand Out or Fade Away book is a one-time payment of just €11.

Your digital copy of the “Stand Out or Fade Away” book will be delivered to your inbox right away, so you can start discovering and applying the positioning principles I use to help people and businesses become more attractive.

Inside “Stand Out or Fade Away”, you’ll access over 10+ years of experience, lessons, and insights from testing, tweaking, and scaling brands and offers through positioning.

Your purchase today also includes 3 bonuses.

I know this seems like an information overload. Still, I’ve done my best to organize the Stand Out or Fade Away principles to immediately help you gain new insights you can rapidly deploy…

...while having a blueprint you can follow to become more attractive or even help your clients become more attractive. And turn that attraction into consistent and better-valued profits.

To make sure you have everything needed to understand and implement the principles in the Stand Out or Fade Away book on your own…

I’m also including the 3 bonuses listed below at NO COST with your order today.

These bonuses are designed to complement what you’ll learn inside the Stand Out or Fade Away book.

BONUS #1 – Positioning Cheat Sheet

The One-Page Positioning Framework.

Run your offers, bios, and content through this simple positioning framework, and you’ll ALWAYS have a clearer idea about your positioning impact.

You’ll see if you’re positioning yourself or promoting yourself.

You’ll understand if your audience will see themselves in your positioning or if they’ll only see you.

You’ll also see if you’re hitting the bullseye (your audience’s pressing points) or going on a tangent that won’t allow you to stand out.

This Positioning Cheat Sheet will be your new positioning lighthouse, and you’ll never see things the same way. Either your positioning efforts or everyone else’s.

BONUS #2 – Positioning Case Studies (video)

How do you use positioning to stand out in your bios and content?

In this over 30-minute training video, you’ll see examples of well-crafted bios and content that help the creator stand out…

And others where they fail to nail their positioning, leading them to fade away.

And more than just the examples…

I’ll show you tweak opportunities for some of them, where you’ll see how positioning can drive more impact than you may imagine.

This video alone will get you the positioning edge once you see where others are standing out or fading away.

BONUS #3 – Surface Level Vs. Deep Level Problems Masterclass (video)

This is where most entrepreneurs, creators, coaches, and consultants only scratch the surface of their potential.

When you target surface-level problems, you target surface-level needs.

The “nice to have” things but not exactly “must have” things that get people into buyer mode.

This masterclass will show you how to think about the difference between Surface-Level and Deep-Level Problems. (This is where the gold is.)

This is the difference between having positioning that puts you as the needed solution or just something interesting.

And you want to be a solution, right? The one people won’t question the need to buy.

This 34-minutes Masterclass is included at No Cost for you if you buy the book today and you can’t find this masterclass anywhere else. I’ll show you tweak opportunities for some of them, where you’ll see how positioning can drive more impact than you may imagine.

This video alone will get you the positioning edge once you see where others are standing out or fading away.

George is one of the best copywriters in the market right now and most people know him for his CopyThinking community. And he knows how critical this concept is for new and established offer creators and copywriters.

The Stand Out or Fade Away book is available for a one-time payment of just €11. When you order today, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 3 bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy right now and know how to predictably control what makes you stand out or fade away. These are the principles I use to double offer values, increase sales only using existing assets, and make any business attractive.

Are You Ready to See How I Use Positioning To Help My Clients And Partners Become The Point Of Attraction In Their Markets And Collect The Profits They Want?

If you understand how much positioning impacts how people see and feel about you…

And how much that immediately compounds to build a story about how much you’re worth in their eyes…

And more importantly…

…how much you CAN CONTROL your positioning and what people see and feel about you…

Once you understand this…

You’ll understand how much you’re in control and how important this concept is for you and your business.

Positioning is all about the initial impact. This is what people see first about you and your business.

And you want that first impact to immediately build the story that makes you stand out and show you as a natural and valuable solution for your best audience.

My latest book, Stand Out or Fade Away, will show you exactly how to simplify positioning to its core and what gets you the predictable results you want.

These are the same principles I use to help my clients and partners collect millions in sales from their existing assets. Or how I help others show up as the natural solution to a specific problem.

Everything lies in the power of positioning. And this is exactly what you’ll learn and master with the Stand Out of Fade Away book and bonuses.

Get The Stand Out or Fade Away Book + All 3 Bonuses
For Just €11

Get Everything Above Today for
Just €11

You’ll receive the Stand Out or Fade Away digital book, the audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

Don’t Take My Word for It!
Here’s What People Are Saying About
The Stand Out or Fade Away book.

Get The Stand Out or Fade Away Book + All 3 Bonuses
For Just €11

Get Everything Above Today for
Just €11

Here’s a simple promise:

The Stand Out or Fade Away book will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for ANY reason…

... just email me at pedro[at], and I’ll refund your book purchase.

This is a one-year money-back guarantee!

Get The Stand Out or Fade Away Book + All 3 Bonuses
For Just €11

Get Everything Above Today for
Just €11

Get Everything Above Today for
Just €11

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